The release and launch of “technology and physiotherapy” on Scoop it has been a rewarding process and I’m so pleased with the positivity and proactive response from colleagues all over the globe.

At the end of October I’ll be heading to Cairns to present at the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) Business & Leadership Symposium. It will be a grand event, bringing together leaders, educators, business owners and researchers all interested in the progress and perpetuation of physiotherapy in Australia and beyond.

I will play my part, leading the charge in the social media sessions. I am excited to present my journey into health technology and the evolution of digital media in healthcare. The talk will be a mix of personal anecdotes, social media and technology in healthcare information, PhD research findings and future considerations.

Following on from this, I will be working with the highly experienced and savvy Jackie Robertson (physio) to present what will no doubt be a unique and interactive look at social media for physiotherapists. I’m probably most excited about this prospect, seeing as this is where my passion and interests are. The prospect of educating and introducing the challenges, rewards and pitfalls of using technology in physio is what I’m most enthusiastic about!

That being said, I’d like to introduce the prospect that we in physio who are interested in technology adopt the hashtag #connectingphysio. It’s what I’ve named my scoop.it topic and I think represents not only the digital future of physiotherapy but encompasses the bringing together of physios in the digital space. I will be using this hashtag frequently so please follow and join the conversation.

Please stay in touch and contact me anytime to discuss all things technology in physiotherapy. The same goes for any material which you think would be well suited to our audience on “technology and physiotherapy” and the illorem Facebook page. Our audience is interested in all things tech for health professionals.


See you at APA Symposium 2014….remember #connectingphysio


Mark Merolli, Founder & Director, illorem


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