Digital Advance: A Future Technology Driven Model of Physiotherapy

I recently gave a presentation at the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) conference in Darwin. My presentation’s focus was on future models of healthcare (as specific to Physiotherapy). In particular, looking at how technology will continue to impact healthcare and the profession over the next 10 years.

I have written an article for the APAs inMotion magazine that outlines much of the content of the presentation for those who missed it and have a link to it so anyone interested can read it here in full:

In the article I discuss technologies to look out for but also what I believe will be one of the key factors, which will be “data driven decision-making”. How we’ll collect it, how we’ll process it, and what we’ll do with it. Technology in Physio is offering and will continue to offer tremendous potential in this space….

Here’s also a couple of links to podcasts I’ve recorded on the subject with Cris Massis (CEO, Australian Physiotherapy Association) and Louise Schaper (CEO, Health Informatics Society of Australia). These are a useful accompaniment to the discussion on technology in healthcare.

Mark and Cris

Mark and Louise


Are you currently doing interesting things with technology in practice? Have you seen any applications you want to share with the profession? I’d love to hear from you and be part of the discussion so please feel free to connect with me on Twitter (@merollim), leave a comment or send me through an email.


– Mark Merolli
PhD, B.Physio (Hons)

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