Apple Launches First Healthcare Events in Australian Apple Stores

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In digital health, we are moving towards a ‘platform economy’. This is a term used by Accenture in their Digital Health Tech Vision – 2016 to describe centralisation of data from applications to better integrate our health data. For the purposes of this post, a good example of this is the health app on our iPhones, which acts a centralised repository of our health data, linking metrics from a variety of sources in one convenient place, that’s easier to mobilise and analsye.

So…it comes as no surprise that Apple are starting to spotlight health apps.

With over 1 million business apps available in the App Store, finding the right apps to run your business can be daunting or time-consuming.

Apple Stores help make this process easier by organising educational ‘App Spotlight’ events in Apple Stores highlighting some of the best business apps around. 

This week Apple Stores in Sydney launched the first App Spotlight events specifically for healthcare practitioners.

Featuring Physitrack, an amazing patient engagement app for exercise prescription, outcomes analysis, patient education and integrated Telehealth, the events were a unique opportunity for health professionals to experience Physitrack on iOS first-hand.

Marijn from Physitrack ran through real-life clinical examples with many participants bringing their own iOS devices to install Physitrack and try out the app during the interactive 1-hour events.

More events are scheduled for Melbourne (October 25/26) and Brisbane (November 2/3) and with seats limited, you might want to register today!

  • Marijn Kortekaas, Partner & Program Director Asia Pacific, Physitrack @physitrack_au
  • Dr. Mark Merolli, PhD, B.Physio (Hons), @merollim


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