Sports Medicine Australia Has Chosen Physitrack

Last week Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) and Physitrack announced a partnership that sees Physitrack officially partner with SMA for home exercise management. Back in July, we profiled Physitrack, which is an online home exercise management tool. With the rising use of smartphones and mobile technology, it makes sense that patient’s home management follows suit. Programs like this are designed to make exercise prescription/management more seamless and efficient but perhaps the most telling feature is that patients are more engaged and adhere to regimens where they can easily access their program and monitor progress.

To read more about mobile patient management, read the full blog we posted courtesy of Physitrack here.

SMA and Physitrack will be showcasing together at the SMA National Conference later this year in Canberra.

Read more about SMA’s partnership with Physitrack on the Physitrack website.


Mark Merolli, Founder & Director, illorem



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