News update from Physitrack: Technology and innovation to drive a better patient experience

Marijn Kortekaas, @physitrack_au


With over 85% of Australian consumers owning a smartphone, it comes as no surprise that healthcare providers are embracing new technologies in large numbers to improve the patient experience, run more efficient clinics, as well as help improve treatment outcomes.

Physitrack is one of the companies riding the wave of healthcare innovation, offering physiotherapists and others a digital therapeutics solution to prescribe clinical, video-based exercise programs and track patient outcomes in real-time.

The platform features over 2,000 fully narrated, clinical exercise videos in HD in areas such as musculoskeletal, strength & conditioning, neurology, paediatrics, senior health, OH&S, clinical Pilates and many others.

Our friends at Physitrack had a great start of the new year already, with Apple recently announcing it is working with a select group of business software and solution providers, including Physitrack. Nathan Skwortsow, CTO and co-founder of Physitrack, mentions the collaboration with Apple has already resulted in Physitrack launching a powerful new Physitrack iOS app for healthcare providers, as well as a brand new and free patient app called PhysiApp. Both apps were co-developed with Apple and offer users an even faster, more intuitive user experience built around iOS (a web app is available too).

The Australian Physiotherapy Association also recognises the importance of innovation and just announced a three-year partnership with Physitrack. Cris Massis, CEO of the APA: “Partnering with Physitrack allows the APA to offer our members the latest innovation in exercise prescription. Embracing technology to advance the profession is at the heart of the APA’s strategic plan and therefore our partnership with Physitrack is a great fit”.

It’s great to see this kind of technology available, allowing us to offer patients an experience that’s relevant to them and will help them achieve better outcomes along the way.

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Marijn Kortekaas is the Program Director of Physitrack

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