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Sarah Flanagan, @Physio_Hub

After graduating from physiotherapy in 2002, I was fortunate to secure a new graduate position at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, a large Tertiary teaching hospital.  I knew that this early exposure to many different areas of physiotherapy would help me determine my future field within physiotherapy, but more importantly, I also knew it would give me a broad range of skills to enable me to travel!

After my new graduate year, like many junior physiotherapists (and seemingly every other twenty-something year old Aussie at the time), I moved to London to work and travel!  During this time, I worked for a short period in Abu Dhabi, sparking my interest in working in the Middle East.  Many years later, I find myself back in the Middle East, this time in Northern Iraq!

For the past two years I have been working in Erbil, which is located in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.  Whilst working here has been an incredible experience and opportunity, there have been times when I have felt disconnected from the larger physiotherapy community, and more specifically, the Australian physiotherapy community.

Searching for jobs, upcoming professional development events or postgraduate study for my return to Australia proved to be a long and arduous task.  I realised that no single Australian-based website offered all of this information, in one central location, that was freely available to all physiotherapists.  This is where the concept of Physio Hub began to develop.

Physio Hub offers its visitors reliable, relevant and reciprocal information about physiotherapy employment opportunities, courses and postgraduate study options within Australia.  The unique feature of the site is the ability to search for jobs or courses within your chosen field of physiotherapy.  Whilst many websites list physiotherapy jobs, the ability to refine this search is limited.

Continuing professional development (CPD) is mandatory to meet physiotherapy registration requirements in Australia, however there is no single website that offers a comprehensive calendar of CPD events.  Physio Hub enables you to search for upcoming CPD events geographically, per month or within your chosen physiotherapy field.

Physio Hub also offers visitors information regarding postgraduate physiotherapy courses, physiotherapy registration and insurance information.

I would love to hear from you about what your physiotherapy career needs are, and how Physio Hub may better assist you, especially during this early phase of growth. I am eager to ensure that the site provides you with all the physiotherapy information you are searching for regarding jobs, courses and postgraduate study, and I hope that one day Physio Hub will become the central information hub for all Australian physiotherapists.

You can contact me directly via email for any queries, feedback or comments ( and I invite you to connect with both Physio Hub and me personally on LinkedIn.  You can also find Physio Hub on Facebook and Twitter!



 Sarah Flanagan is an Australian trained and registered physiotherapist. She studied at the University of Queensland, graduated in 2002 and is currently working in Northern Iraq. She is the founder of Physio Hub, a website to search for physiotherapy jobs and courses Australia wide.



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