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The Illorem website has been the product of months of judicious planning and is now up and running. I’m so pleased to be able to start providing insights into a world that I’m very much engrossed and entrenched in. Health professionals have developed a voracity for digital media but what we still lack is a reputable information hub/support network where we can come together and share insights, experiences, tips and techniques. I have created Illorem with this in mind.

You’ll most definitely find plenty of practical social media, web and mobile app tips for the practicing health professional appearing over the next few months. Concurrently, it’s also my goal to use the Illorem blog as a place to provide musings and thought provoking commentaries that put a unique spin on different aspects of digital media. A spin that health professionals and health researchers can contextualise and relate to the own unique settings.

I hope you get as much as possible out of the material you’ll find through Illorem. I look forward to the prospect of writing it!

Mark Merolli, Founder & Director, Illorem

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