Connecting Physio: technology in physiotherapy news and content now in one place!

One of the challenges we as Physios face is trying to keep abreast of all the latest updates and trends in technology affecting the profession. Enter!

I’m proud and excited to have curated and created this one of a kind digital repository of updated news, information and blogs related to all things technology in physiotherapy – click here. What does this mean to you? It means, that the days of spending hours searching the web for articles relevant to technology in Physio are gone. All you need to do is set your RSS browser to Technology and Physiotherapy on, follow the Scoop directly or follow me on Twitter (@merollim) and you’ll be notified whenever relevant updates become available.

Physiotherapists need to spend most of their time doing what matters most, treating patients. We do like to stay on top of things and technological trends is one area key to the perpetuation of Physio in the future. I hope this hub takes the pain staking effort off your hands.



Mark Merolli


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